September 4, 2021

15 Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

The importance of keeping your carpet clean-especially in a home with kids and pets. Besides the fact that it's important for you to stay healthy, your company can also benefit from getting more referrals. Keeping carpets clean is easier than you think! Here are some helpful tips on how to go about this everyday task so you can get back to doing what really matters in life.

1. Vacuum as often as possible-even if it's just a quick once over with an attachment or hand vac on the stairs or spot cleaning areas where there has been pet hair accumulation.

2. Use a deep cleaner at least twice a year. You can rent a deep cleaner from your local grocery or home improvement store, but make sure to read reviews on the machine before paying for it. Some cleaners do more harm than good, and some carpet cleaning companies use machines that are not as effective as they claim they are.

3. Maintain your vacuum regularly by emptying and washing the filter every 3 months and replacing the belt annually (or sooner if it starts to show signs of wear).

4. Be sure to replace your vacuum bag when needed, usually every 4-6 months for most homes.

5. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can damage carpet fibers , such as all-purpose cleaners, scouring powders, or dry cleaning chemicals.

6. Check carpets regularly for stains before they have time to set in - a little pre-treatment goes a long way!

7. Be careful with spilling or blotting up liquids, don't rub or scrub them in-this can actually make stains worse by pushing the spillage deeper into the carpet fibers

8. Avoid walking on wet carpets if possible - if you do, dry your feet completely before getting back to work!

9. If you have pets, be sure to brush them off for a cleaner coat and cleaner carpets!

10. Use a carpet or area rug under heavy furniture to help protect your carpet from being crushed by items such as sofas, coffee tables, dining room chairs & more

11. Every few months take the time to thoroughly clean floors under furniture-and not just what you can see-a lot is hidden and accumulates over time.

12. If you or your kids like to sit on the floor, be sure to use area rugs-this is also a good way to cut down on carpet slip hazards

13. Educate yourself and loved ones about the proper ways to clean up after spills and pet messes. Always blot and don't rub, and scrub in one direction to minimize damage.

14. Consider a low pH detergent to help neutralize acidic substances that can damage carpet fibers

In order to maintain a healthy home and office, it's important to keep your carpets looking as good as they did when you first bought them! By making sure they are as clean as possible on a regular basis, you'll find out what really matters in life - spending time with your friends and family.

15. If your carpets are looking a little worn or you start to see signs of mildew, call us ASAP-we'll get your carpeting ready for its next chapter with our Water Damage Restoration service!

It's important to keep your carpets clean because it can lead to healthier living. The tips we've provided will help you get started on the right foot, and if all of this seems too overwhelming or time-consuming for you, that's okay! Let us know what challenges you're facing and our team is happy to partner with you in order create a plan that works best for both your company and home life needs.

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